Thank you for your kindness, patience, and generosity during the process of acquiring my hearing aid. Your professionalism and proficiency was evident from the initial evaluation, through the selection process, and even into subsequent adjustments.

– Theresa

After visiting several other hearing enhancement facilities, I found Sound Hearing Solutions and made my decision to use this facility to accommodate my hearing loss.

The reasons for this choice centers in three areas: Assurance of the competence of the staff; guidance and selection of the proper hearing aid pieces; and consistent provision of the length of time I’ve been associated with Sound Hearing Solutions. The trust factor is vitally important to me and I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Kristi Conner and her staff.

– Richard

What and who is Dr. Kristi Conner…we know from her education and training that she is doctor of Audiology, the branch of science and medicine concerned with the sense of hearing. That’s what she is. But, who is Dr. Kristi Conner?

As patients we know she is married and has two children. But, what else do we know? It is clear that she is:

  • Professional
  • Caring
  • Knowledgeable
  • Understanding
  • Cheerful
  • Helpful
  • Maybe somewhat of a neat freak but, that’s OK.

Each patient is special to Dr. Conner, whether the problem is big or small. No matter how busy she is, the person she is working with gets her undivided attention.

All of these attributes came together when my wife was having balance problems. She fell often and at times received serious injury. She complained about strange sounds, in her ear, that seemed to be related to her balance problems. Many doctors kept telling her that there can’t be a relationship and prescribed pills to fix the problem. None of these worked. One day we mentioned this to Kristi and she thought there might be a connection.

After a couple of weeks of research, including consulting with peers and former instructors, Kristi called, and asked us to come to the office. As she had suspected there appeared to be a relationship between the noise and the balance problems. Kristi found a place in Indianapolis that dealt with this kind of problem.

We made an appointment and the specialists thought they could help. After several weeks of intense therapy the balance problems were significantly improved, and remain so today.

Because of Dr. Conner’s diligence we are hearing and feeling better.

Thank you Dr. Conner.

– Joan and George

Thank you all so much for the help and care you have given to enable me to have an improved quality of life. I wasn’t sure that a hearing aid would help me that much and I was hesitant to invest in one in the beginning. What a difference it has made and now I can not imagine trying to get along in life without it.

I lost my hearing due to Meniere’s disease. That condition has also adversely affected my balance as well as having to deal with Tinnitus (constant ringing in my ears).

My Oticon hearing aid has definitely helped me three fold. First of all, this amazing device has improved the quality of my hearing more than I thought possible. I am amazed at how it self adjusts to different situations. Secondly, it has improved my balance drastically. As a dancer that is very important to me. Thirdly, the ringing in my ears has softened so much that I hardly even notice it. Now that I have experienced the improvement of these things, it would be very hard to go back to life the way it was. I also realize how much I was missing out on in conversations because of my hearing impairment.

Thank you for your patience and your assistance that allowed me to go through Vocational Rehabilitation. I so appreciate the time you took to fill out all the forms so that my hearing aid was affordable and fit within my budget.

I also appreciate how you are always available whenever I have a question or need an adjustment of any kind. You as well as your staff have always been professional as well as personable. Again, I am truly grateful for all of your help.

– Janis

Since I dropped by your office a few months ago to have the broken battery door on my old hearing aid replaced, a true transformation has taken place. My hearing aids were more than fifteen years old and I didn’t wear them often. They were just not comfortable enough for extended wear. I didn’t really think I needed them much anyway. While repairing my battery door conversation led to your offer for a free hearing test. Testing proved my hearing loss to be substantial especially in the right ear. Letting me try a set of your demo hearing aids tuned to my needs really was an eye opening experience. Or should I say an “ear opening” experience.

They were comfortable and I was once again hearing sounds that I hadn’t heard in many years. My wife was overjoyed that we could play the television at normal volume again. Everyone noticed my “improved” hearing and I found myself involved in conversations again. It took about a week to get comfortable wearing the hearing aids all day. Now, after several months, I would be lost without them. How I was wrong…Thanks for giving me new hearing life.

– Glen