At Sound Hearing Solutions, we understand the profound impact that hearing aids can have on your daily life, enabling you to connect with the world around you. Recognizing the significance of these sophisticated pieces of technology, we are proud to offer our exclusive Comprehensive Hearing Care program, designed with your comfort and well-being in mind.

Our commitment to your auditory health goes beyond the mere provision of hearing aids. With our Comprehensive Hearing Care package, you can enjoy a host of unparalleled services throughout the lifespan of your hearing aid, ensuring a seamless and optimal auditory experience. At no additional cost, we extend the following personalized and patient-centric services:

Hearing Aid Battery Services

We recognize that the seamless functioning of your hearing aid depends on reliable power. Therefore, our Comprehensive Hearing Care program includes complimentary battery services, ensuring that you always have access to the energy needed for clear and crisp sound.

Grandmother and granddaughter enjoying time together
Couple smiling together outside

Hearing Aid Cleanings and Maintenance

Your hearing aid deserves meticulous care to maintain its peak performance. Our program provides quarterly appointments dedicated to thorough cleanings and maintenance, performed by our skilled professionals. This ensures the longevity of your device and guarantees that you experience the best possible sound quality.

Annual Hearing Checks

Regular hearing checks are vital for monitoring your auditory health and addressing any changes in your hearing ability. As part of our Comprehensive Hearing Care, we offer annual hearing checks to assess your current hearing status, providing valuable insights to tailor your hearing aid settings for optimal performance.

Man getting his hearing checked
Doctor looking at a boy's hearing aid

Hearing Aid Reprogramming

We understand that individual hearing needs may evolve over time. Our program includes reprogramming services as necessary, ensuring that your hearing aid adapts to any changes in your hearing profile. This proactive approach to technology adjustment guarantees that you consistently receive the most effective and personalized auditory support.

By choosing our Comprehensive Hearing Care program, you are not only investing in cutting-edge technology but also in a holistic and patient-centric approach to your auditory well-being. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you continue to hear at your very best, and we invite you to experience the difference that personalized care can make in your journey towards enhanced hearing and a richer life.