Diagnostic Audiological Evaluations

Whether you are referred to us by a physician or you are interested in purchasing hearing aids, your hearing health is our number one priority.  Using state of the art diagnostic technology, we will not only determine if hearing loss is present, but also what is causing it.  We will thoroughly explain the results to you, and together we will be able to determine the best course for further action. 

For more information regarding diagnostics, click HERE.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are not a one-size-fits all solution, and for this reason we are committed to working with each of our patients to design a hearing health care solution that works best for them.  We offer hearing aids for every lifestyle and budget.  In order to find the best hearing instrument for you, we offer:      

  • Three levels of technology to match your lifestyle (Quiet, Casual, Active)
  • A 45 day satisfaction period
  • Fully customized programming to treat your specific hearing needs
  • A 2 year Repair and Loss and Damage Warranty
  • Comprehensive Hearing Care for the life of the instrument (details below).

Our Comprehensive Hearing Care Program

Hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of technology and it is important that they are properly maintained.  Because of this, our hearing aids come with our Comprehensive Hearing Care package.  For the life of your hearing aid we provide the following services at no additional cost to make sure that you continue to hear at your very best:

  • Batteries
  • Quarterly appointments for cleanings and maintenance of hearing aid
  • Annual hearing checks
  • Reprogramming as necessary

Hearing Aid Programming and Repairs

If you currently own a hearing instrument that is not working at its optimal level, it may just need to be reprogrammed due to a change in your hearing or lifestyle, or it may need to be repaired.  We service all major brands, and Service Plans are available for existing hearing aid users.

Hearing Aid Accessories

We offer a variety of hearing aid accessories, including:

  • All sizes of batteries available (675-blue, 13-orange, 312-brown, 10-yellow)
  • Dryers for hearing aids available in two sizes
  • Sweat bands for hearing aids
  • Battery Testers

Assisted Listening Devices

We offer a variety of Assisted Listening Devices that can be used in conjunction with, or independently of, your hearing instruments.  These include phone and television amplifiers, alarm clocks, and other alerting devices.

Custom Molds

  • Hearing protection for hunters and musicians
  • Swim molds
  • Custom fit earbuds for use with Mp3 players and other devices