May is Better Speech and Hearing Month

Warm weather is coming, birds are chirping, spring is here!  If you can’t hear the birds, the sizzle of the grill, or the splash of water in the pool, it is time to get your hearing checked.  Better Hearing and Speech Month was created for awareness of communication disorders.  Use the opportunity to talk to family members about your communication with them.  Whether you notice yourself asking for more repetitions of conversation or a family member is watching television at a volume that is uncomfortable for others, now is the time to find out more!

Hearing can change due to aging (presbycusis), exposure to loud noises (noise-induced hearing loss), genetics and family history, medical conditions, some kinds of medication, and countless other factors.  Most hearing loss is gradual and irreversible, however use of hearing aids can help in the majority of cases.  You may have heard that hearing aids don’t help high-pitched hearing loss or that hearing aids only amplify background noise.  Don’t get stuck in the past!  Modern hearing aids contain powerful computers that make adjustments to incoming sound thousands of times per second.  Audiologists are professionals capable of providing you with the help you need to understand hearing loss and maximize your communication abilities.

Sound Hearing Solutions is hosting a special event for Better Hearing and Speech Month.  Monday through Friday, May 8th to May 12th we are providing free hearing evaluations and assistance in obtaining hearing aids.  During your appointment, you will receive an otoscopic examination/video ear scan, hearing screening and new technology demonstration, and 2 week take home trial. 

Call today and schedule your appointment so we can demonstrate the value of our Patient-Centered hearing care, as well as what a difference better hearing can make in your quality of life!